Refurbished AED Program

Cardiac Canada recognizes that not everyone can afford to buy a new AED but want the protection of one. Our Refurbished AED program addresses this need by locating only the best maintained Powerheart G3 Plus Best-in-Class AEDs and repurposing them at a significant savings over buying a new AED.

All Refurbished AEDs go through a rigorous analysis to ensure they will be usable for many years to come. Each AED has circuitry tested and is provided with both a new battery and a new set of pads (electrodes). Upon completion of the review process the AED is deemed to be “recertified” and ready for deployment as an important life-saving device.

Cardiac Canada warranties the Refurbished AED for a 2-year period from purchase. The battery for the Refurbished AED also has a 4-year warranty. Pads are good for a full 2-years.

Cardiac Canada (also operating as Hawktree Solutions) is fully insured for these products and is a holder of a Class III and Class IV Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License. As a License holder we track all AEDs and are able to notify you when replacement parts are needed as part of a free maintenance program.

Don’t let the price tag of a new AED keep you from deploying these life-saving devices at your company/organization. We have a wide range of clients that find this Refurbished solution to be preferable and cost-effective. Ask us for more information and a quote. We look forward to helping your company/organization.